Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Purple Clinique Set!

Hello Peoples, my blog for today is going to be about a Clinique set I have been using.

This product is a purple set which includes:

Two ‘Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duos’
One ‘Blushwear’
One ‘Colour Surge Lipstick’
One ‘Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick’

The first of the two Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duos is the ‘Silver Lining Duo Pink Shade’. This eye shadow is a pale pink with glitter flecks running through it. It is easy to apply and a great consistency which lasts long once applied to the eye. The shadow is great for a dark base or a light look with pastel colour outfits.

The second Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo is the ‘Polar Blue Quad Brown Shade’. This eye shadow is a light brown/greyish colour with golden sparkles. As it is from the same set as the pink shade it is also easy to apply, this shadow is great for a day time look and is suitable for light colour outfits.

The Blushwear is the ‘Iced Violet Blush’ which is pink rosea colour with a golden tone in it, it is quite dark for a blush and could easily be mistaken for a light bronzer. It flows quite nicely on to the cheek however I would say apply it lightly as it can come up in one place quite dark. As in this set it comes in a small section and I prefer to use a big brush for applying blusher it can be difficult not mix colours.

The Colour Surge Lipstick is called ‘Silvery Plum’.  It’s a deep purple colour with gold sparkles. When being applied it goes on very smoothly and doesn't seem to flake. I would wear this colour as my statement piece of makeup to make my outfit bolder.

The Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick is called ‘Silvery Moon’. This is a very pink lipstick with glitter flecks and a hint or purple. This lipstick is also flows on smoothly, I think the consistency of this product makes it easier to be applied and gives a good coverage. I would wear this colour with a beige coloured outfit. 

I hope you have enjoyed my review on this Clinique product!

love char_beyy x


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