Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hair Dye Review!

Hello peoples, this is my review on different hair dyes! I have tried many different hair dye brands and have been many different colours over the past two years on my quest to find the perfect colour for me. In this review I will be explaining which brands I like and the advantages and disadvantages.

Garnier Nutrisse Crème
I have used this hair dye many a time, the first time I used it I was going a medium brown. I applied it to my roots first and then after 10 minutes I covered the rest of my hair. My problem with this hair dye is that when you are hair is already dyed and your  roots are showing the dye does not take well to the roots. The dye is easy to apply but if you get some on your face or clothes it is hard to get off.

Nice 'n Easy
This was the first hair dye I ever used, I was going from my natural white blonde hair to a light brown. The dye is easy to use and gives a good all round coverage. Unfortunately as my hair was so light it made my hair a gingery colour (not a good look when its a bright orange!)

Nice ’n Easy Colour Blend Foam
I tried this dye after I used it on my mums hair and it worked really well. Much easier to apply than normal dye and the coverage is great. A few roots were left un-dyed but not a major problem. The conditioning treatment I applied afterwards gave my hair loads of texture.

Live colour XXL
I have only used this hair dye a few times, due to the fact I don't think it is that good. The dye is very messy and stains really easily. A medium brown turned my hair dark brown, and a purple turned my hair jet black with a tint of blue shine. Another problem I found is that the dye leaves your hair in a terrible condition and takes a few trims and plenty of conditioner to make your hair healthy again.

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour
This is my favourite hair dye at the moment. It gives your hair a very rich colour and a healthy looking shine. Great all round coverage, and easy to use as it is foam. This dye is a bit more expensive than the other dyes but in my opinion well worth it. The conditioning cream is excellent and leaves your hair feeling silky soft! 

Hope you enjoyed my hair dye review :) I gave you my honest opinions and personal experiences!

love Char_Beyy x


  1. Hehe loving remembering all these hair disasters .. Your orange hair!:)
    lots of love

  2. i don't like the live hair dyes either. i always use garnier nutrisse because it makes my hair so shiney! :) x

  3. ah fair enough, well the garnier makes my hair too shiny as I have fine hair so it looks greasy x


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