Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas clothes wish list!

Hello peoples, for my next blog I am going to share with you some different clothes that are on my Christmas wish list! :)

1. All in at the moment are leather jackets, and I absolutely love this one from New Look!

2   2. One of my favourite new brands is Ed Hardy, I love the style its so different!

3   3. This style of top has in been for a while but I think its still as cute as ever!

d   4. Just a colourful fresh t-shirt to wear with almost anything!

   5. A luscious red plain t-shirt which stands out without many added accessories!

h   6. Some gorgeous light blue skinny jeans, always need some of these!

7    7. A cosy grey jumper for whatever season!

     8. I just love this unique style of top, something I would wear out shopping!

f    9. A cute long lace top, could be worn with leggings!


1   10. Lovely black hoodie to wear with nearly every outfit!

1    11. Another gorgeous black hoodie, just for a change!

    Well that was just some items from my Christmas Clothes Wish List. Hope you like them :)

     Char_Beyy x

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  1. Love the lace top and grey jumper - so cute! Xx


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